• Location ( Headquarters)
  • Mechnikova Str., 3, 02098- Kiev, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine.
  • +90 537 224 7198
  • Fax
  • +90 534 720 8094

Director's Note

Director's Note

Welcome to the ANSAPREMIXCO Trading and Distribution Company.

The ANSAPREMIXCO company was established in 2003 has developed into an enterprise having sphere in marketing and distribution activities and operations spread across the globe in many products.

We are constantly pursuing new business opportunities in healthcare products, fashion brands and life style products. Keeping in line with our vision to dominate the product marketing lndustry, distribution and marketing of quality products is an obvious extension.

ANSAPREMIXCO Trading and Distribution Company will partner leading product manufacturers to distribute and market their products to leading institutions in Ukraine and Turkey who are seeking innovative and trend setting products. I envision ANSAPREMIXCO as a pioneering enterprise in various sectors of the Ukarian and Turkish market, providing utmost quality of service to customers and fulfilling our responsibility to the community by bringing life enhancing products into the market.

I hope you find our website interesting and useful in gaining a better insight of ANSAPREMIXCO.
I take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website and sincerely hope you partner with us in this journey.

Vlastimir Anton
Ukrainian Branch