• Location ( Headquarters)
  • Mechnikova Str., 3, 02098- Kiev, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine.
  • +90 537 224 7198
  • Fax
  • +90 534 720 8094

Company Profile


ANSAPREMIXCO is an Ukrainian trading and distribution company with branch in Turkey founded in 2003. We distribute a wide range of products ranging from Agricultural product, Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts of all kinds, Energy Drinks, Confectionery, Timber and other consumer goods.

Exporting many different types of products world wide, ANSAPREMIXCO is growing from day to day in prominence and fame. We strive to be a world leading distributing company by means of supplying well qualified products with competitive rates and prices. Our main quarry is to satisfy the needs of customers and consumers in accordance to their demands.

In order to satisfy our buyers, we have to provide the best quality products in both the domestic and overseas markets. Our main markets are; South America, North America, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. In the qualitative perspective, continuos improvements searching, setting and achieving new targets to meet customer point of satiety.

Also. in the dimemsion of trust, the fundamental element of our existence is to build your Trus in us. We deliver goods in time and agasin we assure quality of service and products supply. Growth, our annual exports shows an unmistakable trend towards growth. Year by year we have substantially increased our exports to the global market.

Our activities are going on to present new products in the comming years.